Peter Martineau


Catherine Schollar

Principal Project Manager

Tristan Lees-Baker


Melanie Quintela

Office Manager

Fraser Fleming

Senior Manager

Roger Burra

Principal Project Manager

Hannah Hyde

Principal Project Manager

Darrell Statham

Project Director

Kate Cushing

Senior Project Manager

Kanchan Jones

Assistant Project Manager

Diana Troebner

Review Programme Manager

The Team

We’re a small but passionate team with a wealth of cross-sector experience. We are easy to deal with, we listen and we deliver. Every time.

We all have different personal drivers and interests - some of us like to globe trot on our breaks others like to spend time with our families enjoying New Zealand’s great outdoors. But one thing we all have in common is a genuine enthusiasm for the business.

Our team’s point of difference is our balance of contracting, consulting and client experience. It means we’re comfortable in the boardroom, at clients offices, out on construction sites and working with other suppliers.